WiFi module in the smart home application

Smart home is easy to standard WiFi products, especially white goods, the base of the market is large, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines three major items, the Chinese market are over a billion.

Generally speaking smart home refers to a set of system including intelligent host, intelligent terminal device, communication technology and control equipment. In practical application, smart home system can do intelligent control of room lighting, temperature, humidity, security protection, health and entertainment, home equipment system automation, intelligent operation.

WiFi module is the control center of the whole system, the control is to output a switch signal to control the relay. The core of this module is the WiFi connection, this type of hardware device itself does not have a screen and keyboard, to access the WiFi network requires a convenient connection program.

That is, the cell phone APP scan WiFi, enter the connection password on the APP automatically sent by the APP to the module, for the module and WiFi connection, essentially the same, just called a different name, there is no difference.

Under the Internet of Things, there are not only countless signaling, control command transmission needs, there are still audio and video and other large data stream transmission application needs, for this reason WiFi communication protocols in the Internet of Things era will naturally have a place.

IoT technology can help intelligent management of the foyer scene, living room scene, kitchen scene, bedroom scene and balcony scene in the smart home environment. The cooperation between smart home and smart applications cannot be achieved without the help of WiFi module. Without WiFi module, smart home can’t work well and exchange data.

WiFi is not unfamiliar in our daily life. Simply put, devices with WiFi modules can connect to the Internet and realize the networking of home appliances, devices, etc.

What is WiFi module? wifi module belongs to IoT transmission layer, built-in wireless network protocol IEEE802.11b.g.n protocol stack, which can convert serial port or TTL level into an embedded module that conforms to wifi wireless network communication standard. Many traditional devices that can be networked are embedded with embedded modules and have smart genes.

First , the serial wifi module will be embedded in the home appliance device to realize the conversion of serial data to wireless data. Connect on the APP on your cell phone, and operate in the APP interface after the cell phone is networked, it can help you remotely control the appliances at home and realize intelligent control applications.

WiFi module in the smart home field to enter the speed is quite fast. Traditional appliance manufacturers have transformed under the pressure of the situation to open intelligent, WiFi module has become the key to open the road to intelligence for traditional manufacturers. Traditional air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, light bulbs, etc. can be implanted WiFi modules to achieve intelligent development.

In order to serve the development of smart home products in the field of Internet of Things and meet the data transmission between smart home and smart applications, Feirui Technology is the agent of Lexin Solutions, providing ESP32 WiFi chip module technology and solutions for customers with special functional requirements, customization services can be provided.

ESP32 series modules with high performance and rich peripherals, integrating Wi-Fi, traditional Bluetooth, low-power Bluetooth, providing integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity MCU total solution, widely applicable to various IoT applications.

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