Why do you need a home security Internet of Things

More and more family network smart equipment, the Internet of Things family safety equipment is also born. It protects each window without being destroyed each door, ensuring that each room is safe. At the same time, when an intruder enters, alert can be issued for the first time. In the face of floods, home security Internet of Things can also play a key role. Incidents of medical emergency, the Internet of Things equipment will also be notified to the medical department in the first time. Overall, the home security Internet of Things provides a high-level security to use its families.

Traditional program pain

1. Need to receive a complex line network: Traditional solutions require a large number of wiring, complex installation, and not beautiful enough.

2. The pet may be judged as an intruder: the traditional solution cannot detect the human body, which is easy to cause a wrong judgment.

3. Requires replacement of the battery regularly: The traditional solution sensor is low, requiring regular replacement.

A brief summary and highlights:

There are really a home security Internet of Things. We first customize the appropriate system according to user needs, users choose the safety sensor they need, and we will also guide users to choose the appropriate sensor. After selecting the sensor, the user can complete the settings for 3-5 minutes, without any special tools, if the user is inconvenient to operate, our professionals will help users complete settings. Subsequent users can complete the cloth defense and withdrawal through mobile phones, and our professionals are also 24/7 monitoring.

Solution highlight

1. Real-time professional alert: Our monitoring personnel will call users when they have detected the problem, and accompany users until the problem is resolved.

2. Will not affect everyday life: Our sensor is small, through one-click control, users will not be affected in their daily lives.

3. Only detect people, ignore the pet: The motion sensor used by this scheme has more accurate human detection algorithms, which can ignore the impact of pets.

4. Almost never need to replace the battery: the battery life of the sensor can reach 10 years and is the best service life in the industry.

5. Wide coverage: The sensor used by the program can easily cover the whole house.

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