Why do we need the Home Security IoT and what does it do

Why do we need the Home Security IoT?

Home IoT smart devices are becoming more and more popular, and so are IoT home security devices. It can protect every window and every door from being broken and can secure every room. At the same time, it can be the first to sound an alarm when an intruder enters. IoT for home security can also play a key role in the face of flood and fire. IoT devices will also be the first to notify medical authorities when people experience medical emergencies. Overall, the Home Security IoT provides an advanced level of security to the homes that use it.

Traditional solution pain points

1. Need to connect out a complicated wiring network: Traditional solutions require a lot of wiring, complicated installation, and are not aesthetically pleasing enough.

2. May judge pets as intruders: Traditional solutions cannot detect human body, which may easily cause wrong judgment.

3. Need to replace the battery regularly: The battery life of the traditional solution sensor is low and needs to be replaced regularly.

Brief description of the new program and highlights.

True still have home security IoT program we first customize the appropriate system according to user needs, the user selects the security sensors they need, while we will also guide the user to select the appropriate sensor. After choosing a good sensor, users only need 3-5 minutes to complete the setup, and without any special tools, if the user is not convenient to operate, our professionals will also assist users to complete the setup. Afterwards, users can arm and disarm the sensors through their cell phones, and our professionals will monitor them 24/7.

Solution Highlights

1. Real-time professional alerts: Our monitoring staff will call the user when a problem is detected and accompany the user until the problem is solved.

2. No interruption to daily life: our sensors are tiny in size and with one-touch control, users will not be affected in their daily life.

3. Only detect people, ignore pets: The motion sensor used in this solution has a more accurate human detection algorithm, which can ignore the impact caused by pets.

4. Almost never need to replace the battery: the battery life of the sensor can reach 10 years, which is the best life in the industry.

5. Wide coverage: the program uses sensors that can easily cover the entire house.

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