The Internet of Things is hot, smart light bulbs get opportunities

With the development of Internet of Things technology, the smart home field has also developed rapidly. Smart light bulbs are also starting to emerge in the smart home. According to the relevant data, the sales of smart bulbs in July and at the beginning of the year have increased more than three times. This smart light bulb can be remotely controlled through the device collection app, making life more convenient.

Lighting system is a necessary home product for every family, so intelligent lighting control system has also become the entry point for smart home practitioners. As the standard of living is provided, people have become interested in some novel lighting devices. The light bulb in the home is no longer just as simple as achieving lighting. People have added more elements to the ordinary light bulb and there is the smart bulb. Most of the smart light bulbs are connected using Bluetooth, using cell phone APP for timely control, this light bulb mainly has the following functions

1, with wifi communication function, so that through the cell phone APP to achieve the light on, off, and dimming control;

2, . Base communication using UDP protocol, the control protocol needs to have the characteristics of security, reliability, scalability;

3, each controller has a mechanism to identify itself in the system, the controller can be accurately and uniquely identified;

4, can realize the light switch control, can realize the light brightness adjustment control;

5, can feedback the current light switch state, other control terminals can get the current light is on;

6, can get the current light brightness value, other control terminals can display the brightness of the light to the user;

7, the controller supports the scene mode, enough to switch to their own state set in the scene

Intelligent light bulb using embedded IoT core technology, the interoperable core module embedded in the LED bulb, and also realize the WiFi module of the cell phone APP, full of wisdom and social intelligent light bulb system, has become the most popular products in the field of intelligent lighting.

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