Smart home system based on WiFi technology

Smart home industry has a broad development prospect, whether it is traditional home appliance manufacturers, Internet companies or cell phone industry, hardware manufacturers, to which have been fast to ride the high-speed train of smart home Internet of Things.

Smart home system based on WiFi technology consists of WiFi smart node, smart home gateway, wireless router, remote server, control terminal, 4G communication network and Internet.

WIFI is common in our daily life, and many smart home products use technologies such as zigbee and WIFI. WiFi module belongs to physical network transmission layer with built-in wireless network protocol protocol stack and TCP/IP protocol stack.

Serial port or TTL level is the standard for WiFi wireless network communication. Many traditional devices that can be connected to the network are embedded in embedded modules with intelligent genes.

Lexin InfoTech introduces ESP32-H2 chip, which integrates IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth 5.2(LE) technology in 2.4GHz band. ESP32-H2 integrates DC-DC converter for energy-saving operation with low power consumption. For low-power mesh network scenarios, it has a wide application area through support for Thread and Zigbee protocols.

Bluetooth LE supports various topologies such as point-to-point, broadcast and mesh networking, and is capable of communicating with smartphones.The ESP32-H2 Bluetooth 5.2”s LE sync channel feature supports LE Audio, the next generation Bluetooth audio technology.LE Audio not only features enhanced Bluetooth audio performance, but also supports broadcast audio for audio sharing.

The combination of IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth LE will enable the ESP32-H2 to build smart home devices based on the Matter protocol, enabling multi-ecosystem interoperability.

Based on ESP32-H2 and other Wi-Fi series SoCs, Loxin is able to provide Matter protocol solutions, including end devices using Wi-Fi or Thread connectivity, as well as border routers built using a combination of SoCs.

The ESP32-H2 is equipped with a RISC-V 32-bit single-core processor with a 96MHz main frequency, 256 KB SRAM, and support for external flash expansion. 26 programmable GPIO pins support ADC, SPI, UART, I2C, I2S, RMT, GDMA, and PWM.

ESP32-H2 has efficient security mechanisms, including ECC-based secure boot, AES-128/256-XTS-based flash encryption, digital signature and HMAC module for securing device identity, performance-enhancing hardware algorithm gas pedal, which can provide reliable and secure connectivity performance for IoT devices.

To traditional home appliances implanted with WiFi module is like to traditional home appliances plugged into the wings of intelligence, to ride on the Internet of Things industry this train. Feirui Technology agent Loxin solution, provide WiFi module for smart home appliances wireless module technology solutions.

Smart home system is a smart home control system product with built-in WIFI module, allowing other smart devices to work together to achieve intelligence to adapt to the needs of home life. Moreover, smart home in addition to the interconnection of devices based on the work of the system, smart home devices are equipped with a variety of sensors within the device, capable of human-computer interaction, with the ability to self-learning.

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