Introduction to Zigbee Wi-Fi Bluetooth three smart home connection mode

Nowadays, smart products are no new things for everyone, because more and more smart products have already entered our lives, the most significant is the hot home industry. However, in the face of a wide range of equipment, everyone will have such a confusion in addition to the choice of different kinds of products: Why is the same device also have different ways, what is the difference? ?

Currently, in smart home products, more widely connected ways for Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth (BLE), but most users don”t know what the difference between them, when choosing It will make a difficulty choosing, which agreement is better to improve which agreement? In fact, these three agreements have a thousand autumn. You can choose to use the products that are best for your own home situation after understanding.

The Zigbee protocol is also known as the purple peak agreement. Its naming comes from the bees and discovered the flow of information after discovering the flowers. In the hive, we can think of this eight-character dance (zig) is the main communication network, Since this communication method has a vital role in the bee group, ZigBee has become the final name of this short distance, low power wireless communication protocol.

Among them, the largest advantage of the ZigBee protocol is that it can automatically form a device network and then link the direct data of each device through the central node. This center node not only serves the bridge of transport data, but also manages the entire ZigBee network. In general, the override of this central node is to serve as the gateway we are familiar with, with its help, in theory, ZigBee”s network node can reach 65,000, which can meet the needs of our daily lives. However, the smart home products that are currently sold are not self-with a gateway. If you only buy the product, we will not be able to control the product with your mobile phone and you cannot achieve the smart function of the product.

Today, Wi-Fi is basically a must-have equipment, which transmit data is fast, high efficiency, and users have a very good experience. Moreover, the built-in network protocol in the mobile phone is adapted to the Wi-Fi, so selecting products using Wi-Fi protocols can be easily connected to the phone, without the need for gateways as an intermediate bridge. Despite convenient to use, Wi-Fi still has a certain disadvantage.

The first is its larger power, and the power consumption at general time is about 1 W, and B ZigBee and Bluetooth power consumption is only 0.1W. On the number of equipment access, Wi-Fi is also very restricted. If dozens of devices need to be connected to Wi-Fi, it is likely to make the entire Wi-Fi after the processor load of the router. The network is in a state, and even affects us using Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth technology is a compromised choice compared to the first two, because it is not only low power consumption, the corresponding speed is fast, and it is the same as Wi-Fi, and the mobile phone will bring the Bluetooth protocol, so it is also very convenient to use. . But Bluetooth technology is weak, it is very likely that you can”t control the smart products of the living room in the room.

Seeing this, many friends may be curious about why smart home products will have a variety of connection. This is because the development of these connection technologies is mature and there is little problem in use, which is suitable for most families. However, it has its own advantages and disadvantages to each connection method. If the product on the market is designed as a connection method, the user is difficult to make a restricted local system, which will also have a certain impact on the product. If you specifically go to your product, different products may be used in the use of different connection methods, the merchant naturally selects the connection technology to install the most suitable product, bringing the best experience to users.

Although smart home has given us more choices, in fact, only different smart home agreements have been selected for different smart home agreements due to equipment and specific space environments.

Then tell you a few tips: If the device is inserted, select the Wi-Fi protocol; if you need to interact with your phone, then use the Bluetooth protocol; so as to the product, it is best to choose the sensor class. B Zigbee protocol. In addition, we must also pay attention to ensuring that the home has a gateway when purchasing a single support ZigBee protocol, otherwise the product will not be directly controlled by mobile phones.

Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth connection products are directly connected to the phone, so there is no need to consider the gateway issue. It should be noted that the smart home product of the household router can be limited, so do not choose to use the Wi-Fi-Fi protocol, so as not to access Wi-Fi.

If you use Bluetooth technology, you can interact with your mobile phone in close distance. If you need to wear a wall, then the signal will be a discount. So this device is if you need remote control, you must do not choose a smart product that only supports the Bluetooth protocol.

All in all, the mainstream smart home products on the market mainly use three connection methods of ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, which have advantages and disadvantages, so everyone should choose the right product according to their actual application scene, or choose support The products of a variety of protocols are more likely to be in use.

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