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In the past two years, real estate developers in the smart home gradually expanded from the most concerned about the scope of home security to the whole system of whole-house intelligence landing, from comfort, convenience, security, energy saving and other dimensions, to improve the quality of intelligent life of residents. In some developed areas of real estate projects on the application of whole-house intelligence, occupying the vast majority of the national demand for intelligent property, whole-house intelligence focused on improving the type of households.
Smart home integrates the Internet, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to create artificial intelligence home system, so that owners can control the sound and light, temperature, humidity and home security at home through a variety of ways such as cell phone APP, local buttons, voice interaction, physical gestures.

 Smart home system mainly consists of two parts one is the smart home control system, including intelligent home lighting control, home appliances (TV, air conditioning, refrigerators, etc.) control, electric curtain control, intelligent surveillance camera control, background music control and intelligent control of home theater, etc.; second is the intelligent security alarm system including: intelligent gas detection alarm, intelligent smoke monitoring alarm, intelligent water leakage detection alarm, etc.

Intelligent electric curtains have been widely used in recent years in senior apartments, high-end housing, villas, etc. As long as the remote control is lightly pressed, the curtains will automatically open and close, which is very convenient and greatly solves the problem of inconvenient opening of large curtains in villas or duplexes that require a lot of force to switch. At the same time also through the intelligent setting function to achieve curtain timing switch, a variety of scenes control function, really let the curtain become a modern home of a bright “landscape”.

Intelligent home lighting control, can realize the intelligent control of the whole house lighting, you can use remote control, cell phone, a key control and other control methods to achieve the whole house lighting switch control, lighting intensity control, to achieve “meeting, theater” and other lighting scene effect control, so as to achieve the intelligent lighting energy saving, environmental protection, comfort, convenience function.

Home background music solves the problem of system combination of MP3, FM, DVD, computer and other audio sources in any house, such as garden, living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, etc., so that each room can hear wonderful music and feel the beauty of life, while the music system can also play a role in beautifying the space and good decoration.

Intelligent home theater means adding intelligent home control function on the basis of traditional home theater, integrating all audio and video equipment (amplifier, audio, HD player, projector, projection screen, HD TV) and theater environment equipment (air conditioner, floor heating, electric curtain) and other equipment and facilities perfectly and skillfully to achieve overall intelligent control, creating a more comfortable, convenient and intelligent Home theater audio-visual and entertainment environment, in order to achieve the best viewing, listening to music, games and entertainment audio-visual effect. When needed, just a touch, you can realize a key control, theater, music, games and other scenario control mode to quickly enter and switch, so that owners feel the intelligent and fast entertainment.

Home security system includes door and window magnets, emergency help, smoke detection alarm, gas leak alarm, broken glass detection alarm, infrared microwave detection alarm and many other functions. Security systems can be strangers invasion, gas leaks, fires and other situations in time to find and can notify the owner through the cell phone, video surveillance systems can rely on the installation of outdoor cameras can effectively prevent thieves from further action, and can also retain favorable evidence.

With the rapid development of NET and IOT, the product line of wireless smart home system has been enriched, and the categories covered by wireless whole house smart system are complete enough, and the stability of the system is also being strengthened. The wireless smart home system has high cost performance and flexibility, which coincides with the demand of real estate upgrade.

Smart home function is so powerful that major real estate developers have actively layout to achieve the goal of intelligent community, many real estate developers or strategic cooperation with smart home suppliers to jointly develop, or share in smart home enterprises, or acquisition of potential smart home enterprises, or directly set up a smart home brand, determined to do something in the smart home market, so as to achieve multi-products, multi-brand interconnection, the construction of more personalized solutions.

At the same time, the service system of real estate developers, manufacturers and third parties is expanding, and large-scale mature smart home service team is rising, which becomes a strong guarantee for building smart buildings, and real estate developers just make use of the maturity of product form and service installation to realize the perfect combination of application landing, build their own smart home standard body system, and replicate to the national buildings through complete solutions, in scene combination We will build up a more flexible and customizable scenario, and keep a continuous follow-up on the service to ensure the usage rate and high quality after-sales service after purchase. It will bring a more convenient life to tens of thousands of ordinary people.

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