How does the monitoring smart home control system work

You have no one at home, the thief patronized your home, what to do?
You drove away from home, but forgot to turn off the air conditioning, what to do?
You want to take a hot bath at home, but the water heater is not on, what should you do?

When you come home with your guests at night, the house is dark and you have to turn on the lights one by one, what should you do?

If you forget to turn off the air conditioner or take a hot shower, you can call home to turn off the air conditioner automatically or turn on the water heater in advance; if you accompany your guests home, just press the remote control at the door, all the lights of the welcome scene will be turned on and the stereo will automatically play “Welcome Song”. ……

The relationship between the concept of networked home appliances and smart home

Network home appliances are new home appliances designed and improved by using digital technology, network technology and intelligent control technology. Networked home appliances can be interconnected to form an internal home network, and at the same time, this home network can be connected to the external Internet. It can be seen that networked home appliance technology includes two levels: the first is the interconnection between home appliances, that is, so that different appliances can identify each other and work together. The second level is to solve the communication between the home appliance network and the external network, so that the home appliance network in the home can really become an extension of the external network.

At present, the network appliances considered more feasible include network refrigerators, network air conditioners, network washing machines, network water heaters, network microwave ovens, network stoves and so on. The future direction of networked home appliances is also fully integrated into the home network. Smart home is a big concept, which includes: home automation, home network, network home appliances, information home appliances these parts, network home appliances is only a component of the smart home. Knowing the relationship between network home appliances and smart home, let”s see what are the specific contents in smart home.

Smart home includes the content of.

1、Intelligent security system (wired / wireless)

Perimeter intrusion alarm, visual intercom, fingerprint access control, door magnetic window magnet, glass break alarm, infrared, microwave detection, alarm continuous shooting, infrared video surveillance, computer hard disk recording / playback, alarm 110 linkage.

2、Intelligent lighting system

Soft-start dimming of incandescent lamps, remote control of various scene lamp combinations, centralized control of house lights, daylight lamps, energy-saving lamp sensor switches.

3、Intelligent control system of electrical appliances

Curtain control, air conditioning control, ventilation fan control, negative ion fresh air supply, TV control, washing machine control, dryer control, garden flowering, pet feeding.

4、Intelligent bathroom

Human body sensor switch light, computerized toilet, sensor urinal, sensor squatting toilet, massage bathtub, shower insulated room.

5、Intelligent kitchen

Direct water dispenser, garbage disposal, manual water-saving faucet, microwave oven, disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, electric oven control, gas leak alarm, smoke sensor fire alarm.

6、Whole house audio

The system plays at regular intervals and in zones.

7、Centralized control of network/telephone/TV multimedia

Fiber router internet access, telephone broadband access, home server system, luxury house management system, smart home control function, wireless remote control, centralized control, network switch control, telephone remote control, programmable timer control, scene control, internet control.

Current Status of Network Home Appliances

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, home appliances are also being innovated and given information functions. At present, the familiar TV, telephone, refrigerator, radio and other “old” home appliances, in foreign countries have been “changed” to “network home appliances”, become the new favorite in the 21st century. Network Surf TV can be used while watching TV programs, while cruising the Internet, and can be downloaded from the Web site related to television programs, but also through E-mail transmission of video, audio and still images, but also can be connected to the printer, the required network data printed out; network video phone and home computer network connection is equipped with Internet software sound card, microphone speakers and video card. The Internet video phone is connected to a home computer with an Internet software sound card, microphone speaker and video screen, which not only allows you to chat face-to-face on the Internet, but also dial through the Internet to the United States, Japan, France, Germany and other parts of the world for long-distance calls at low cost.
Network information refrigerator to game machine Internet access as a pioneer, the freezer door is 38 cm LCD screen, can receive information from cable TV or network services, and can be delivered through the home page of family e-mail or local area all kinds of information; network global radio through the communications satellite to receive the signals of more than 1,000 broadcast stations around the world, FM clear, sound quality is particularly good, and can enter the Internet to listen to a variety of integrated services Data and information …… The international market of networked home appliances can be described as colorful and rapidly changing.

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