Composition of Smart Home System

The smart home system is mainly composed of control host (also called smart gateway), sensors, detectors, remote controls, smart switches, smart sockets and home networks

Control host

In the smart home, the control host is like a translator, which “translates” different communication protocols, data formats or languages, and then transmits the analyzed information and sends it out through the wireless network. The control host is the bridge between the home network and the external network, and is one of the important components of the smart home.

In addition to the traditional router function, the control host also has the wireless forwarding function and wireless receiving function, that is, all the signals from outside are converted into wireless signals. When people operate remote control devices or wireless switches, the control host can output signals to complete a series of operations such as lighting control, appliance control, context setting, security monitoring, etc., or send home security management operations to remote users” cell phones or computers via outdoor Internet, GSM network (Global System for Mobile Communication). It can be said that the control host is the “command” of the smart home.

Sensors and detectors

Sensors and detectors are like the human body”s senses, they convert the information they see, hear and smell into electrical signals and transmit them to the control host. The main sensors and detectors in the smart home are temperature and humidity integrated sensors, combustible gas sensors, smoke sensors, human infrared detectors, glass breakage detectors, wireless door magnetic detectors, etc.

Temperature and humidity integrated sensor
Since temperature and humidity have a close relationship with people”s real life, so the temperature and humidity integrated sensors are created. Temperature and humidity sensors are devices or equipment that can convert temperature and humidity into electrical signals that can be easily measured and processed, and temperature and humidity sensors on the market generally measure temperature and relative humidity.

Combustible gas sensor

Combustible gas sensors are detectors that respond to the concentration of a single or multiple combustible gases, and currently there are two main types of combustible gas sensors: catalytic and semiconductor. The catalytic type combustible gas sensor uses the change in resistance of the refractory metal platinum wire after heating to determine the concentration of combustible gases.
When the combustible gas enters the detector, an oxidation reaction is caused on the surface of the platinum wire, and the heat generated causes the temperature of the platinum wire to rise, resulting in a change in the resistivity of the platinum wire and thus the concentration of the combustible gas is measured; semiconductor-type detectors use sensitive gas-sensitive semiconductor parts to operate, and when the combustible gas enters the detector, the semiconductor resistance drops, and the drop corresponds to the concentration of the combustible gas.

Smoke sensors

Smoke sensor is to monitor the concentration of smoke to achieve fire prevention, is a gas smoke concentration variables into a certain correspondence of the output signal device, smoke sensors are divided into photoelectric smoke sensors and ion smoke sensors.

Human body infrared detector.

Because the human body has a certain temperature, generally around 37 ° C, so will emit infrared wavelengths of about 10 um, and the human infrared detector is very sensitive to infrared radiation wavelengths of about 10 um, it is the detection of infrared radiation emitted by the human body about 10 um to operate.

Glass breakage detector

Glass breakage detector is one of the smart home security detectors, it is used to detect whether the window glass in the home is broken. If someone breaks the glass and trespasses into the house, it will send an alarm signal.
According to the different operating principles, glass break detectors can be divided into two types of sound-controlled single-technology glass detectors and dual-technology glass break detectors.
Dual-technology glass breakage detectors are divided into dual-technology glass breakage detectors that combine sound-controlled and vibration type, and dual-technology glass breakage detectors that detect both infrasound and high-frequency sound of glass breakage.

Wireless door magnet detector

It is a device used to detect whether doors, windows, drawers, etc. are opened or moved illegally. It can only send some kind of encoded alarm signal to the control host, and when the control host receives the alarm signal, it will transmit the signal to the alarm, and then the alarm will sound.

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