5.8GHz radar sensor module in smart home lighting

What is the good use of 5.8GHz radar induction module?

Non-5.8GHz radar induction module, in some home environment using the induction signal frequency is difficult to control, the effect for smart home will have limitations. 5.8GHz radar induction module induction signal frequency is accurate, stable, sensitive induction (induction distance), induction time, light control illumination can be more accurate through the algorithm debugging control range.

It can be seen that 5.8GHz radar module will be widely used in smart home and smart life in the future. 5.8GHz radar module sensing signal frequency is accurate, stable and low cost, compared with 24GHz band radar module, 5.8GHz radar module cost is lower and more relevant in the lighting field such as smart home.

The design of microwave radar module inside the lamps and lanterns is significant for LED panel lights, LED step lights, LED flood lights, LED ceiling lights, etc. The high frequency, op-amp, processing and other circuits of 5.8G radar module are integrated in the shield, which is not easily affected by uncertainties such as high voltage circuits, peripheral devices, etc.

At present, the FR58L4LD-1212D (A) microwave sensor can be applied to LED lights, LED tube lights and other light source products and many lighting products; multi-interface reservation, not only can realize the function of radar induction, but also can be connected to remote control and Bluetooth for dimming and color, mode presetting and other functions, the induction distance and duration can be adjusted independently.

Can be configured flexibly through the serial interface RX and TX, where TX is used to adjust the sensing distance, TX is low level when the sensing distance. The sensing sensitivity of the radar sensor can be configured by MCU, if the sensitivity is set higher, the detection range will be larger accordingly.

5.8GHz radar module, induction sensitivity (sensing distance), sensing time, light control illumination are adjustable and controllable, the sensing range is accurate, the whole module size is small, the design of miniaturized plane antenna, while ensuring the performance of the sensor greatly reduces the overall size, to meet the requirements of the product to the space structure.

5.8GHz radar module will be used in smart home, Internet of Things and intelligent lighting, especially in the field of lighting, has been widely used in sensor bulbs and lamps and other standard lighting products. It can also be applied to sensor lights and security alarm devices, such as hallway, corridor, garage, balcony, yard, garage sensor lights, and as energy-saving switches or burglar alarm devices.

FR58L4LD-1212D (A) microwave sensor integrated with 5.8G microwave circuit, mixing, IF amplifier circuit and signal processor, the module directly outputs the corresponding control signal when a moving object is detected. True SOC design, highly integrated and good production consistency.

Stable and reliable anti-interference, frequency point can be set, compared with the traditional fixed frequency radar solution, multiple radar modules used at the same time have better anti-interference performance, and can meet the relevant certification requirements. The sensing distance and delay time can be flexibly adjusted by software algorithm to meet the diversified needs of different scenes.

Microwave radar induction module product applications, from the light source material, LED as a frequent switch intermittent lighting source, relative to incandescent and all types of fluorescent lamps, is undoubtedly the ideal choice, its long switch life, fast response time, high luminous efficiency, small size, easy to control the characteristics are reflected.

On the other hand more intelligent, no manual switch lights automatically lit. With the microwave radar sensor light will occupy a favorable position in the led sensor light market with its probe not exposed, sensitive sensing, intelligent identification of light function, not affected by the ambient temperature and other advantages.

According to the Doppler effect as the basis, the use of advanced plane antenna, can effectively suppress the interference of high harmonics and other clutter, high sensitivity, reliability, safety and convenience, intelligent and energy-saving, is the priority product of building intelligence and property management modernization.

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