2020 Smart Home Ecological Development Status and Outlook

With 5G AIoT empowerment, comprehensive innovation of smart home product forms, the birth of a larger scope of underlying interconnection protocols and comprehensive support for more platforms for devices, the smart home industry has entered the AIoT empowerment period in the past two years. It is expected that after 2023, the product and industry chain will be reshaped, and the smart home industry will officially enter the outbreak period, with new AIoT technologies fully integrated into space intelligence.

Clear industry chain positioning

Smart home industry has completed the construction of interconnection ecology, around the three levels of perception, judgment and action, the industry role is gradually positioned clearly, smart home into the development of large home and pan-home areas, security needs bear the brunt, smart door locks, smart cameras, smart sensors and other explosive categories, will become the space intelligence camp must fight. Post epidemic era – AI non-contact “home economy”, its empowerment of smart home products and scene applications more prominent, users are more concerned about safety and health.

The ecology of smart home is being derived. The purpose of platform ecological construction is to sink the technical capabilities of cloud, AI, big data, etc., to enhance users” experience through top-level design and empowerment of smart home products, and to solve the problems between smart terminals, cross-brand and cross-category interconnection, cloud integration, AI interaction empowerment, data interaction, etc.

This this background, more and more players began to enter the game, traditional home appliance manufacturers, security companies, Internet companies, AI companies are beginning to choose to move into the smart home market.

Smart home security needs are highlighted

The current smart door locks, smart cameras, smart sensors are the scale of the explosion of categories, home intelligent security has become the focus of attention of all cross-border camps. According to the research found that the smart home class home security, intelligent lighting, smart home appliances, intelligent audio and video occupy the largest amount of market share. Smart security to smart locks, smart security sensors and smart cameras dominate the market.

In the future, with more cross-border players, market reshuffling and product iteration will accelerate, which means that in the 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data depth of penetration and combined application, the upgrading and transformation of enterprises has been imminent.

Home intelligence spatialization scene

Smart home scenario application requires more data reference and actual experience to capture humanized pain points. Subject to the limitations of product form and functional interconnection, the current boundaries of smart home regional scenes and life scenes are intertwined. The increasing prosperity of intelligent ecological platform has lowered the threshold of intelligent use for users and, on this basis, continuously pushed smart home products toward richness and maturity.

Around the user needs, let the scenes of smart home really understand human nature, all user commands, will be generated around their own and family needs, scenes. Based on the new user scene demand, smart home will be around for security, monitoring, entertainment and other directions to reshape the product form.

Smart home integration service market

Home customization service providers, operator operation and maintenance teams, home appliances, installation service teams and third-party service platforms, etc., are fully involved in the smart home service provider camp, serving C-end users while punishing the demand for bulk B-end projects. At present, smart home service providers are in urgent need of enhancing standardized program configuration capability, specialized team service capability, and Li-chengized project delivery capability, thus promoting service productization, as well as innovative pioneering capability for cross-border channels. For the differentiated user needs, the standardized service solutions provided to realize the brand service landing.

Development Outlook

Market: diversified product functions and multi-platform product forms coexist; security applications will continue to gain attention; front-end product cost performance continues to improve; relying on user data to carry out continuous operations; cross-border camps to accelerate entry; gradually eliminate local barriers to multi-brand, multi-category connections.

Product: AI comprehensive Fu um it the optimization of product features and user experience; voice and visual technology to become the standard level of entry; product security level continues to improve; equipment failure and after-sales maintenance initiative to report; back-end services to strengthen the ability to realize.

Channel: users feel the smart home experience more closely and at low cost; home building materials, lighting and other new camps accelerate the smart transformation; channel financial strength, landing capacity, resource capacity, talent accompanying enhancement; service providers accompany digital operation tools; omni-channel landing and installation service operation and maintenance synergistic development.

Technology: collaborative computing capability in the cloud supports hardware wisdom upgrade; smart home experience advances to the senseless AI stage; massive devices build diversified scenes of smart home; chip security, cloud security, edge-side security and other security enhancements; promote smart home security and experience continuous upgrade.

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