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CapSure – Screen Capture for Windows Mobile

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CapSure is a Free tool that can be used to capture screenshots from your Windows Mobile device. Screen shots can be captured in BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG formats (if the device supports it). CapSure is unlike most other Screen Capture software in that the user can add Customized captions to the screen captures and block out or Blur sensitive information from the screen captured screen shot.

CapSure Screen Capture Software for Windows Mobile:

CapSure Screen Capture Software for Windows Mobile

Authors Website:

License: Freeware for Pocket PC (PPC)

Requirements: .Net CF 2.0 Windows Mobile 2003 / WM5/ WM6

How to install and run CapSure:

  1. Download CapSure_v1.10_PPC.ARM.CAB and copy it to your Pocket PC via activesync
  2. Click CapSure_v1.10_PPC.ARM.CAB from your Pocket PC to install the program
  3. Navigate to Start -> Programs and click the CapSure icon to start the program

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Note: All PPC Software listed on this site has been tested to work using my personal "HTC PPC 6800" Phone prior to posting. Listed software may or may not work on Smartphones as well. Support should be obtained directly from the author of the software.